Get Security of Your Data

This privacy policy provides users offer complete Adobe solutions with the full and clear information on the processing of their personal information through the package. Pursuant to statutory requirements, this privacy policy also indicates:

  •   The purpose and means of processing and using personal information
  •   The processed data of personal information
  •   The contact details and identity of the data used
  •   Any security measures adopted to protect personal information for using the data
  •   The time period for using that product
  •   And other relevant details of the product

Purpose of using Personal Information

The expert technicians will store all the personal information for as long as it is needed to provide users and customers with the required services as prescribed. There are some reasons that include for using the personal information of the customer:

  •   Purpose of holding the information
  •   Obligation in relation to that personal information
  •   Ongoing case of the customer
  •   Any specific user request
  •   And more